Are binary options scam or legitimate?

Are binary options scam or legitimate?

Binary-cdSince the invention of binary options in 2007, the trade on the Internet spread very quickly. Unexpectedly, the new commercial form put through within a few months. Binary options can involve significant risks just as high yields. Often, a total loss is possible within seconds. How trustworthy or untrustworthy So are binary options? Everything just scams or rip-off.

So you speculate on the price development of a pre-defined period of 30 seconds up to a month. As a basis for the course, select a base value of the equity, commodities, currencies or indices. So you can bet e.g. whether the Dax rises or falls in the next 30 seconds. Layers correctly so you can use up to 91% return await your decision. Documents you wrong threatens you the total loss of the invested capital. The question how reputable binary options are now we want to vote in the following. Again and again one hears of rip off and fraud in connection with binary options. We can not understand this and want to illustrate some points why that’s not right.

Binary options are a financial product but so serious?

FragezeichenBinäre options are a capital market business. Who holds stocks, bonds, commodity futures or Forex for untrustworthy can also say that this applies to binary options. Merchandise futures are commodities speculation have existed for more than 300 years. I secure myself already a price for the future – was the original idea behind. I speculate on a price scenario in the future.

This view is the tax authority and the state. After all, the withholding tax (capital gains tax) amounting to 25% on Binary Options will be charged. A tax that must be dissipated even with stock returns. This has to be proposed in the tax return at the end of the year. Failure indication would be tax evasion. We have I think the first answer how serious binary options.

Again and again, binary options with gambling are associated. Just current discussions heat the so-called casino capitalism yet. Of course, no one can say how the price of an underlying security will develop over the next 30 seconds.

Binary Options and the risks

There are signals, indicators, technical analysis, chart patterns and historical patterns provide clues in the capital market. This binary options but do not imply a gamble or untrustworthy or even fraud. No one knows how the capital markets will develop. Are now all financial instruments untrustworthy? Do you know where the interest rate is a develop the next 12 months to go?

AusrufezeichenSie determine your approach whether trading binary options is trustworthy or untrustworthy. Put wahrlos on the rise or fall of prices you will not succeed. Statistically, your expected value under 1. You must lose. But that one can take this statement in advance makes binary options even fairly predictable.

Meet the trade always with the necessary respect. Very often forgotten Trader due to the strong simplifying how easily the trade can work. The risk of total loss is then hidden like routine. A big mistake. Be how fast you can lose your money inserted always clear.